Fantasica Game info:

Published by Mobage

Developed by Silicon Studio

Wiki Created by Losilit

Fantasica is an social mobile game with RPG as well as Tower Defence elements. Collect, trade, and train your Hero cards to attack other players and complete quests while doing the same to Monster cards, used to defend your Luna (Currency) from othe players. The game also uses a unique ally system, where you can call other players to assist you in battle, earning you and them ally points (spent on boosting certain attributes). Finally, you can receive/gift Bravepoints from/to other players, used to spend on random card drawings for new Heroes and Monsters. Mobage coins can also be used to purchase premium card packs. Beware, this game is highly addicting!

Jump into the fantastica world of Fantasica today.

Fantasica is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.

I Score this game 5/5

Tons of players and fun time killing.

Quickly gain cards, level them, and make your army strong with the help of your in-game allies.

I will be updating this page frequently to allow for game changes and new information.


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"Raise an ARMY! Band with FRIENDS! Fight in REAL-TIME to SURVIVE!
Your ADVENTURE in the lands of FANTASICA begins NOW!

★★★★★ "Greatest funnest game ever"
★★★★★ "I seriously just killed two hours playing this and had no idea."
★★★★★ "Easily the best game from mobage!"

☆☆☆ NOTE ☆☆☆

Before downloading Fantasica, please confirm the following -
・ an active Wi-Fi connection
・ an active SD card with at least 200 MB of available memory
・ all other applications have been closed


***Collect beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Final Fantasy Art Director Hideo Minaba
***Defeat enemies in strategic, real-time battles with your own personal army
***Band and compete with friends to defend the world from darkness
***Over 200 quests to test your mettle
***Ranked events that offer rare cards, prizes, and of course, bragging rights
***Continual updates featuring new cards, quests, and events

Finally, the authentic, fantasy role-playing experience that you've been waiting for. Join forces with your friends to defeat the evil threatening your world. All interested heroes are advised to keep their weapons sharp and their allies ready. The world of Fantasica is a beautiful, yet dangerous place!"

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